Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why housEvolve?
  • housEvolve is the first system of its kind designed exclusively for the homeowner. It is straightforward and easy to understand. Using housEvolve is as simple as checking your cell phone's voicemail. It will operate reliably and unobtrusively for years without requiring any maintenance or recurring operating fees.
  • What is the difference between a "remote monitoring system" and a "remote access system"?
  • Homeowners list as their top home-related concern the inability to effectively care for their property when it remains unoccupied.

    Monitoring products on the market today are limited to providing information/alerts about current conditions in the home remotely and offer very primitive control capabilities or none at all. While this information is, no doubt, a useful step in the right direction, it is by no means a complete solution.

    housEvolve combines monitoring capabilities with advanced detection of abnormal conditions and intelligent control features to give you full access to the remote home's environment. This includes complete control over the HVAC system, garage door operation and water valves. The housEvolve remote home access system keeps you informed and in control.
  • Will I obtain a discount on my homeowner's insurance for using housEvolve?
  • Generally, yes, although policies in this regard can vary by provider. Call your insurance company to obtain specific details, including discount amounts.
  • Why does housEvolve use wired communication between system components?
  • Power Failure Operation: housEvolve uses a rechargeable battery backup system that allows operation for extended intervals under power failures. A wired network allows this backup power source to supply the entire housEvolve system, providing the user continued access to the full alert and monitoring set of capabilities under these conditions.

    Reliability: Wireless communications are susceptible to interference, environmental conditions and distance. housEvolve controls the operation of critical systems in your home and therefore uses wired communications to ensure reliability.

    Security: Wireless communications are most susceptible to interception. A wired system is always more secure.
  • Can housEvolve use cell phone technology to connect to the phone network?
  • Yes, through an additional interface available separately. However, we only recommend this method for the rare occasion where a land line connection does not exist (for example, in an RV or Marine application). This connection method also needs a dedicated cell phone and will NOT work under power failure conditions.

    Besides power issues, a land line connection is always more reliable. The cellular connection quality is susceptible to environmental conditions and signal strength. Both vary and can affect the ability of the housEvolve system to dial out or receive calls.

    It is far more cost effective to activate local service on a land line than to obtain comparable functionality from a cell phone service contract
  • Why does housEvolve not operate over the Internet?
  • Cost: Internet operation requires a monitoring service (a third party hosts the website, runs security updates on the system, etc) which involves a monthly monitoring fee. Additionally, a high-speed Internet connection (with associated costs) is also required.

    Privacy: The third party involved in this setup knows all the information offered by the housEvolve system. How well do you know this third party?

    Reliability: High-speed Internet connection reliability is nowhere near that of the phone network. Additionally, it does not work during a power outage. This significantly and artificially reduces the capabilities of the housEvolve system.

    Maintenance: The above-mentioned third party is responsible for maintaining the security of your system. This means periodic software updates and configuration. Additionally, network configuration and setup issues are the responsibility of the system owner. housEvolve requires no configuration or update maintenance.
  • Is the housEvolve system compatible with future components?
  • Yes. Because the system is modular you will always be able to mix and match any available components.
  • Can I use more than one thermostat on my system?
  • Yes. You can use multiple components of any type with the system, which makes custom applications possible. For example, since housEvolve thermostats can be completely controlled from the Main Controller or over the phone, they can be installed in hard-to-reach areas of interest, such as crawl spaces. This allows automatic heater use in the winter to keep these areas above freezing, or air conditioning in the summer to prevent mold growth!
  • Are there any operational costs related to the system?
  • No. There are no monthly fees, no maintenance fees and no contracts. The only required expense related to the system is the purchase cost.
  • Do I have to buy a housEvolve component I don't intend to use?
  • No. housEvolve is a modular system, which gives you the ability to configure it according to your needs. Moreover, components can be added later if your needs change.